Travel Guide: How to Become a Great Adventurer in 2019

In the beginning of your career as a traveler, you must face these kinds of catastrophes: Cultural unanticipated, series of stupidity, delayed flights and countless missing tickets. After which, this process will make you travel-savvy. One day, you’ll see yourself flexible with all these changes like a fish being thrown in any water surface.


However, worry no more, because I will help you, and these horrible catastrophes will be avoided.  The tips below will give you a hand in saving money, to be less stressed and to be a wise traveler.


Pack Light
Clothing repeater is always okay in traveling, and it’s very helpful, too! Remember to bring only those essentials to your trip such as hygiene kit, undergarments and etc. There are so many tips that you can look on the internet if you’re troubling folding them to save space.


Bring extra socks
Believe me, most socks will be lost after you’ve laundry them. So as when you go hiking, most likely it’ll be soaked in water; better have extra socks in your bag. I guess, it won’t be too much to carry, right?


Always have an extra bank card with you.
You can never tell when disasters happen. It is inevitable that these may occur and it’s always better to have an extra bank card with you. A trip without pocket money is way too horrible! You don’t want to be in an estranged land without access to your personal funds, do you?


Travel without company
It’s not bad to at least explore the wilderness of a country foreign to you, all by yourself. Learn to go to places only to depend on no one. Surely, you’ll discover many things under pressure and this may be a personal accomplishment, too! Be surprised and don’t let it make you uncomfortable.


Learn to use a map
Don’t be shy in utilizing a useful map. Especially when you’re alone, it’ll help you stride along the streets without getting lost. On the brighter side, you’ll be able to feel what it’s like to be a tourist. Well, you are actually one!


Be purposefully lost
This may sound hilarious, but sometimes it felt good to wander in unknowing streets.  There is so much to discover, away from the crowd of other tourists. I also do this sometimes, so it’s safe, as long as you have your map and phone with you.


It won’t give you a hard time if you’ll be ready with any circumstances, and it only teaches you that traveling is not only full of rainbows and candies. Honestly, there are more than you are about to unfold. This journey is yours, and the article will only help you on your way, but it’s always up to you on how you’ll deal and have fun even in difficult times. Embrace it and learn from experience. See for yourself the wonders that are just right under your nose. When traveling, you might wanna visit some of the conference speaking in Singapore.

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